Tornado 2013

Years ago as a young whipper snapper my family owned a business that was agriculture related . We built large seed cleaning machines and traveled the area processes rice in the south and wheat to the north. Every summer for 10 years we spent our time in southern Oklahoma and followed the wheat harvest into Kansas. SO that should fill you in on my tornado dodging skills. Many a time we watched them trek across the flat land and the destruction was often over whelming.

Now years later as an insurance agency owner I have had a couple of total loss tornado house claims here in middle Tennessee and it is VERY important to have proper coverage. Thing that you really don't think about like.. Covering rent as you live elsewhere while they build your house. Replacement on your content so you don't get reduced payouts trying to replace your 20 year old fridge. Other structure coverage amounts as you may have a shed or a fence that would be costly to replace.

As we don't technically live in TORNADO ALLEY we certainly get our share. STAY INFORMED..

DBR - 6-13